15 Interview Questions You Could be Asking

  By Paul Hebert  |    Posted on Monday June 1, 2020 at 05:24:39 PM

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Interviews can be a daunting task for both the employer and job candidate! From meeting someone new to trying to make a good impression on both ends of the table, we continually share our best interview advice.

When it comes to being an employer looking to discover which candidate is truly the best hire for the position, we've had our fair share of holding interviews and asking many questions. We've learned the hard way how some questions really don't share any insight on the job candidate and on the flip side, which interview questions truly showcase a candidate's skills, personality, and self. 

To add a little boost to your next interview, here are 15 questions you should be asking... 

1. (If applies) You have changed jobs quite frequently.
2. A client calls and says it is urgent that he speaks to your boss. However, you do boss has told you he is in a meeting and cannot be disturbed. What would you do?
3. A co-worker of yours frequently challenges you to informal competitors for things like, who can book the most appoints in an hour. How would you feel about this?
4. A long-time customer of your company confides that recently a competitor has been aggressively calling. The customer hints that the competitor may be the target of several accounts in the area. What would you do?
5. A minimum acceptable standard by which all must perform is best. When you cut from the bottom, the rest perform better without even a conversation.
6. A project is being considered, you are asked to come up with suggestions for it. How comfortable would you be with coming up with ideas?
7. A prospective client interrupts your presentation claiming that all products are the same. How would you convince her that your product is best for her company?
8. Activity reporting is a constant struggle by it probably won’t change unless you have some way to tie in their paychecks with the information.
9. An account you thought was close to signing suddenly tells you that they have received a significantly lower bid. You know your company will not be able to match this price. What would you do?
10. An important deadline is approaching which you promised your manager you would meet. Meeting the deadline begins to look unrealistic, even if you put some things on the back burner. What would you do?
11. Another manager who is not to sophisticated technically tells you that he wants to get a certain part of his operation computerized to increase his productivity. When you look at the task it is not clearly evident that the computer is the right answer. How do you handle this?
12. Another person in your organization has come to you with a complaint about one of her co-workers. She says that this person seems overly concerned with winning the marketplace. She feels that this co-worker should concentrate on his work. What would be your response?
13. Any of your sales activity that hasn’t been well received by you present employer?
14. Are others in your company leaving? (If yes) Why?
15. Are there any companies that you consider innovative? (If there are any) why do you consider them innovative?

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What do you have to lose?
Top talent is just a click away.